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Forgotten Flags
{ Vergessene Fahnen }

Florian Thalhofer

The Germans And Their Flag

2007, (Korsakow-film,
web-doc, DVD-Rom, Installation )

for The Goethe-Institut

German with English subtitles



Forgotten Flags


[Korsakow documentary, approx. 75 minutes]

The Germans and the flag

Ir has been a difficult relationship for a long time. German history made it difficult for Germans to say: „I am proud to be German“. Everything changed, during the summer of 2006, when the soccer world cup, hosted in Germany, made Germans wave their flags unconcernedly.

Half a year after the world-cup was finished, Florian Thalhofer (accompanied by photographer Juliane Henrich) travelled all over Germany to talk to Germans, who did not take down the flag.

Things changed for good in 2006. Wherever you are in Germany if you look closely, you will always find a German flag somewhere.

{German with English subtitles, translation by Anja Tachler}