The first text on dates back to 2002. This blog started as a collection of texts that did not fit any other of my projects but seemed to be worth not to be thrown away. In recent years it more and more became the home of media critique and applied Korsakow-Thinking. You can find transcripts of most of my talks, some videos and some podcasts.

There are more than 150 articles on Many of the texts are in German, but there is also a selection of English texts. As most of my work, this blog is not made with a particular audience in mind. I try to put my thinking in words, as clear as I can. To be aware, that other people might read it, helps me to work a bit harder on my thoughts, which then make them a bit more clear to myself. So this blog is my thinking machine.

You are invited to have a look. And you are invited to register for automatic email-updates, every time I publish and article there (which in average happens once a week).

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