Fabian Pha. – BUNTE BILDER (1991 – 2000)

In 1995, soon after I became student at the University of the Arts, I had an exhibition titeled “Bunte Bilder” at Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin. This exhibition might be forgotten by history, but it was the beginning of my career as a painter. Soon I had a gallery that sold my paintings. The gallery was located “Unter den Linden”, right next to Brandenburg Gate. I thought I had made it!

At that time I also bought my first computer. The guy who was running the gallery said to me: “I can make a real painter out of you. You have to go to all the parties I send you, the rest of the time you have to paint. You have to get a cool car and you have to stop playing around with your computer.”

Well, I did not stop playing around with my computer.

I produced a lot of paintings between 1995 and 1999. I still paint sometimes, but I never got a cool car and became a real painter. Nonetheless I have a artist name: Fabian Pha.